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This will be my last album for a long time therefore it is a good denouement. I deserve a much needed break from everything... that's the way I'm going to try to look at things because it sounds more awesome. I'm going to focus on becoming enlightened.

In this release I am trying to squeeze out the last bits of soul from my body before my mortal coil has been exhausted, stretched beyond the point of springing back, or otherwise extinguished at the hands of others. There are some jazzy tracks on this album. Bucky Ball is inspired by my favorite scientist, Buckminster Fuller, and also Thelonious Monk, of course, who has had a large influence on my guitar most pianists have on guitarists ha. I have a lot to say about my life and situation, but what can be said with words? They get twisted, misinterpreted, and the hand with the most cards up their sleeves is the winner? Remember there is a more powerful force in the multiverse. It's called love and it will overcome all and triumph in the end. Take care. I love you all.



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