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Voids is Book One in the Astral Planes Fantasy Series by Bravo Charlie

Carbo, a kid from Texas, finds himself in a strange world where he meets a guy named Strings and three girls with strange powers. Zimmie can make fire out of thin air, Quark has a strange shadow with a mind of its own, and Tweetie grows claws and fangs when she gets upset.

A powerful horn blast has destroyed their village and Strings is poisoned so they must try to get help from the Animal Elders at the First Burrow. On their way they meet a mysterious wizard and his two giant serpents. He warns them of dangers to come that threaten to destroy all worlds. Can they believe anything he says?

Gods and goddesses, fallen angels, giants, forgotten magic and powerful ancient relics are waiting for discovery. They travel to other worlds using ancient Sumerian and Indian flying crafts. Carbo discovers the universe is a bit stranger than he could have ever imagined.