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Dragon's Yodh is Book Two in the Astral Planes Fantasy Series by Bravo Charlie

The sisters of Lost Fang and their friend Ohanzee, return to their world to find it under the control of a cruel jaguar, Queen Chandra, who threatens the existence of humankind.

Zimmie is a witch with powerful fire magic, Quark has power over the dimension of shadow, and Tweetie recently discovered she is actually a dragon.

An evil ruler in a world far below our own wants to possess the powerful magic disc the wizard Zarl uncovered. His giant serpents Sehr and Pahrn carry the disc with hope they will find where the wizard has gone. Can they find him in time?

The serpents, girls, and creatures great and small must band together against the dark forces to protect themselves and the powerful disk.

Will they be able to protect the disk or will all be lost as an even more terifying ancient power is on the way to destroy their world?