Guts On The Outside

This is Junk Rock. The 'J' is for Jazz, the 'unk' is for Punk... if that isn't obvious. Warning: This might melt your ears and also contains references to Jesus. Basically, this is me sort of like exploding. So, uh. Yeah. Have fun.

I've got a lot of pent up anger and frustration. I also have a lot of fear right now. I'm really stressed out. My life is a mess...but enough about me, right? In the spirit of punk rock, the tuning of guitars, is not something that occurred during the recording of this album. Heavy bass, screeching guitar, blistering trombone, and trashcan-style drumming...I'm sure that's a thing? Maybe? This album took such an incredibly long time to record it is astounding. Careful shaping of the sound of the instruments themselves was a labor of immense torture. I feel a bit better after spewing my guts out into the mic and beating on my guitar. The mic stand must have been knocked down twenty times during recording. My brand new Fender Elite Stratocaster now detuned to B with super fat round-wound strings, has earned a battle wound. I am working on being more trusting of God's will in my life.