This is Junk pop 'Jazz-pUNK' ...heavy and all over the place musically. Angry, jaded, heart-felt, full of remorse, honest, and that's why we should break up.

Je ne sais quoi. That undefinable something. The twinkle in her eyes. A spark. It's that spark of life. The alchemy which makes us tick, attract, repel, motivates, and keeps us moving upward and onward. The word of God which sparked creation or big bang if you subscribe to the 'nothing blew up and created everything' concept. All Godliness aside, this album is human and angry. Anyhow, spark as it may be in all of our affairs is most often related to personal interactions such as relationships. This album is more about this metaphysical spark that cannot be defined. Musically it is all over the place, traveling places no one should go, but that is okay. This is junk after all. There is no concern for where it may go as long as it does so in less time than is required before a mandatory trip to the john. There is only one track with trombone. There is one track with acoustic guitar. Much chromatic patternization appears in many tracks. The drums are heavy, the bass is actually used instead of baritone guitar on a few tracks. Vocals vary from actually trying to sing to screaming. I do hope you enjoy. Really, I do. Take care and blessings to you and yours.